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Nassau Street Shared Space for FDNA, © 2017 Massengale & Co LLC, rendering by Gabriele Stroik Johnson


Financial District Neighborhood Association Slow Zone Articles


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Aileen Robinson, The Financial District: A Tourist Magnet With a ‘Village-Like Quality’, New York Times, August 7, 2019:

Add to the growing tourist parade an influx of families and other residents, and you get “a change in the dynamic of the neighborhood,” said Patrick M. Kennell, a resident since 2005 and president of the Financial District Neighborhood Association. In March, the association released “Make Way for Lower Manhattan,” a report that describes construction debris, scaffolding, street vendors and other obstructions. “Bikers, pedestrians and even delivery vehicles struggle to find a place to maneuver along the street,” according to the report, which makes specific recommendations about how to slow traffic, improve walking corridors, add pedestrian plazas, clean up trash and generally make the area safer and more pleasant.

Many of the suggestions will soon be implemented, said Mr. Kennell, a lawyer. “So much money is being pumped in by government entities,” he said. “We’ll get these problems fixed. I don’t worry about it.”

Download the Make Way for Lower Manhattan report from the FDNA website.

SLOW NEW YORK: After Move NY Comes Slow NY

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